Bangladesh cricket team ‘s Sabbir Rahman being investigated

Bangladesh cricket team Sabbir Rahman

Bangladesh cricket team ‘s Sabbir Rahman is being investigated

Bangladesh cricket team Batsman Sabbir Rahman faces possible penalty once he reportedly assaulted a disciple throughout, an exceptional match in Rajshahi last week. The incident is alleged to possess taken place on the second day of Rajshahi Division’s, National Cricket League game against Dhaka Metropolis.

According to reports, once a supporter created a noise directed at Sabbir throughout one amongst the innings breaks. Sabbir took permission from the on-field umpires to go away the bottom. so went behind the sight screen to physically abuse the young boy, who had apparently been brought into the area by a fan of Sabbir’s.

Bangladesh cricket team Batsman Sabbir Rahman

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The incident

was purportedly 1st seen by the reserve umpire. who according it to the umpire, who successively according it to the BCB’s cricket operations committee chairman Akram Khan, who then forwarded it to the board’s disciplinary committee. This was as per procedure, since Sabbir is being investigated for a level-4 offence. consistent with sources, Bangladesh cricket team batsman Sabbir was additionally quite “aggressive” with match referee Showkatur Rahman. once he known as him in on the third day of the game to research the incident.

Sheikh Sohel, vice-chairman of the disciplinary committee, mentioned that Sabbir would be subjected to significant penalty if found guilty. within the case of level-4 offences, penalties embody multiple-match bans additionally to a fine of Tk five lakh (US$6,000 approx).

Sohel told: “The moment i obtain the report, we’ll decision him. however once seeing the report if we tend to feel we do not got to consult with him, we’ll quickly dole out the penalty.”

Sabbir has faced disciplinary action array of times within the past, the foremost severe case of that was in 2016 once the BCB penalized him Tk twelve Lakh (US$14,000 approx) for “serious off-field disciplinary breaches” throughout the Bangladesh Premier League.

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