Cricket News: Fast bowler Malinga became the “OFF Spinner”


Fast bowler Malinga became the “OFF Spinner”

Cricket News Malinga

Colombo: According to Cricket news- Sri Lanka beat fast bowler Maling surprised everyone by scoring bowling in the Domestic T20 match, Malinga’s spin also became a hit for the batsmen, Malinga hunted 3 rotating balls.

According to the details: the batsmen in the fast bowling Malinga Fast bowling are still in pain, now they are not scared to spell the spinners in spin.

Cricket News:-

The last match Maling was seen in a new form in Sri Lanka’s Domestic T-Twenty match, Malinga scored off spin ball instead of fast bowling.

Cricket News: Maling scored three rivals from Naphtali bowling as well, fans of the match also sparked Malantha’s spin bowling well, and Maling herself too was happy with her new bowling.

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