Cricket News- Pakistan Vs WIndies Series


Cricket News- Pak vs WIndies cricket series not held in Pakistan (windies media)

Cricket news: West Indies media claim WIndies team cannot visit in Pakistan this year, the board failed to satisfy its main players

According to the details, the shadow of worries over the series between Pak and West Indies became deeper, West Indies claimed that there is no possibility of this series between Pak and Windies.


West Indian media says West Indies had never visited Pakistan (Pak), there were just speculators, in this regard, West Indies Board failed to convince their main players.

According to the media, most of the West Indies’s T-Twenty20 teams are engaged in Bangladesh Premier League.

According to Cricket News, Pak Cricket Board officials are constantly in touch with the West Indies to hold the series.

Both countries have access to the first fifteen days of December. If the weather improved in Lahore and the West Indies player, this series could be played next month.

According to the sources: Pak Stadium

PCB officials say that the tour of Bangladesh Premiere with fierce fog and West Indies players is likely canceled.

Remember that the West Indies and Pakistan Cricket Board had decided that the team would visit Pak in November but now its prospects are looking forward.

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