Saeed Ajmal announced Good Bye to Cricket

Lahore: Former spinner bowler Saeed Ajmal said that the National T20 event will be my last event, which will then be called cricket as Khairabad and focus on its cricket academy.

Talking to host Najam al-Arifin in the famous Rome, ARY News program, announced that Saeed Ajmal said that I do not want to be a burden on any team.

He said that the national T20 would be his last tournament in Rawalpindi because I do not want people to pick up my selections, play the best cricket for the nation and highlight the name of Pakistan in the whole world.

Saeed Ajmal, who scored the most dangerous batsmen from “Saeeda”, scored 178 players in 35 Test matches while 113 took 184 wickets in a one-day match and in 85 T20 T20 matches The path of the Pavilion.

Forty-four Saeed Ajmal, born on February 14, 1977, started the departmental cricket and started with the Agricultural Development Bank and WAPDA to reach the national cricket team for which he had to work hard and waited a long time to get a place in the team. Due to their debit, he was at the age of 31.


Saeed Ajmal started his international career on 2 July 2008, playing a fast match against India in Karachi’s National Stadium, when the first Test match played against Sri Lanka in 2009 and played in the first T-Twenty20 match against Australia in 2009.

With the serial, he kept the batsmen with his bowling, saying that he played his first test match at the age of 32, but the witness was that the five players showed the way to the dressing room and this way the journey of Kamababis Started.

Saeed Ajmal Career:-

Saeed Ajmal looked at his rise in 2011 when he compared the other with Flora and Flight bowling in comparison to other spinner bowlers,

As well as other skills in the second edition, in the same overwhelming way in line and length. Baz does not handle self-control

However, in 2008, when Saeed Ajmal scored Australian cricketers in the Asia Cup in one-day matches and in the United Arab Emirates,

the batsmen said that it is impossible to understand Ajmal Saad’s tenure.

Saeed Ajmal
Saeed Ajmal

The first obstacle in the success of the tournament came in 2008 when he was facing objections on bowling action and the ICC asked him to test,

which he would also succeed and later in 2009, Pakistan’s victory in World T-Twenty20 I also played a key role.

However, in 2014, Saeed Ajmal declared bowling action illegal and banned him from playing cricket, saying that 36-year-old spinners bowled with a 15-degree angle,

which was not allowed, but without correcting the bowling action. They will be unable to play matches.

After one year the Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB) and the past star spinner Saqalin Mushtaq, he corrected his

bowling action and was re-examined after the test, allowing international cricket to be played.

Saeed Ajmal

Unfortunately, his new bowling action could not prove so much work, and he could not show any performance for the better bowling action and did not show special performance in the Pakistan Super League, even when the aging became the obstacle of his way. During this time, many young spinners like Raza Hassan, Shadab Khan, and the other team became part of the team.