Shahid Afridi and Razzaq in Top 5 ODI all-rounders of all time

The all arounder could be a rare species in top-class cricket since only a few cricketers will really shine with each the bat and so the ball.

While such cricketers are Associate in Nursing quality to a team in any format of the game, they’re significantly prized in one-day internationals as a result of the character of the sport.

An all-rounder’s presence permits a team to possess an additional bowler or an additional bat and overall, makes the team a very completely different quite beast.

Over the years, lots of top-class all-rounder have contend international cricket and lots of them were polar to the success of their groups.

Pakistan bowler Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Razzaq’s elevation to range three within the lineup throughout the 1999 tourney turned him into the good all rounder that he went on to become. Razzaq wasn’t specific fast however he was correct and had the power to swing the ball. He was a superb bowler also and additionally to it, he had the technique to confront to the most effective bowlers within the world.

Razzaq might facilitate steady the innings once it absolutely was required, whereas on the opposite hand, he was a very dangerous hitter and had won several games for Pakistan along with his tremendous striking within the slog overs. He played 265 in some unspecified time in the future internationals for Pakistan, throughout the course of that Razzaq created 6252 runs. He had a modest average of 29.70 however it absolutely was his strike rate of 81.25 that created him thus dangerous.

He created three centuries and as several as twenty three half-centuries in his illustrious career. He bowled first or ordinal modification on most occasions and picked up 269 wickets, at a median of 31.83 Associate in Nursingd an economy rate of 4.69. Razzaq is, while not a doubt, one among the best all-rounders to possess vie one-day cricket.

Shahid Afridi started off his career as a specialist leg-spinner however once Shahid Afridi created the then quickest century in in some unspecified time in the future cricket against Ceylon in barely thirty seven balls, he became the team’s all rounder. That being aforementioned, in those initial years of his career, Afridi didn’t bowl as often and vie primarily as a gap slugger. However, it absolutely was anon in his career, once he became a deadly leg-spinner Associate in Nursing an equally damaging lower-middle order power hitter for Pakistan.

His batting might be exasperating every now and then since he went for giant hits right from the beginning. That explains his rather lowly average of solely 23.57 in 398 in some unspecified time in the future internationals. However, Associate in Nursing astonishing strike rate of 117 shows the kind of harm that he might impose once he got going and he did it very often.

Afridi scored 6892 runs in his one-day career. His quick leg spin evidenced to be very tough to play within the latter half his career and for a amount, he was most likely the best restricted overs spinner within the world. In his in some unspecified time in the future career, Afridi 395 wickets at a median of 34.51 Associate in Nursing an economy rate of 4.62.