Unique event during the cricket match

Car in match pitch

New Delhi: During a major domestic match in India, a person reached the pitch in the car.

According to the details, there was no solution to fixing pitches in India right now that another new controversy emerged, the Ranji Trophy match in New Delhi’s north-east of Palme continued that during this period a person reached the carriage. 

The match was being played between two local Delhi and Uttar Pradesh teams, namely Indians, Ashish Sharma, Gautam Gambhir and Suresh Rina are participating in these teams. 

Car in match pitch

Cricket Opinion: The shocking event of the game played by the local teams came when a person reached a quietly shaded carriage crane, the driver said he did not understand the ground and the match had ended.

After the car came to Carriage, Emperor stopped the third day, then the second ambassador declared the pitch to be declared playable as Pitch.

Watching the car on the cassette, Stadium administration ranks and they talked to the driver Chucked out, pulled it out of the ground.

Car in MAtch Pitch
In India during Match came a Car in Pitch.

The Uttar Pradesh team scored 224 runs the loss of 7 players in the first innings, while Delhi’s team was able to score 246 runs in the first innings, and the match was halted for half an hour after entering the vehicle.

The players of both the teams demanded the investigation.

Remember that the Ranji trophy is held every year for the Indian cricket board, which includes nominated players playing domestically and retired.